Herbal body and baby care products. Loose leaf teas and herbs &                 Personalized wellness coaching.

As a Botanist, Nurse, and Herbalist my desire is to help others learn about herbs and how to incorporate them into daily use to promote a healthy, natural lifestyle. Some of my earliest memories are that of watching my grandmother pick raspberries and planting veggies in her garden. As I got a bit older I remember picking and planting with her, learning more and more from her every year. Towards the end of my grandmother’s life, she had a long battle with cancer. I remember watching the nurses and doctors wishing that I could help her the way they did… Nursing school here I come! Amidst all of the college classes and 10 years of working in the medical field, I found my way back to my botanical roots. It appeared to me that all of the medications, treatments, and therapies seemed to cause more problems than they were healing! I ended up finishing both my Bachelors degree in Botany and my RN from Weber State University. I have been consistently making herbal concoctions for friends and family since 2007, and with their encouragement I opened Paradise Farm Herbal Apothecary in 2013.
Paradise Farm Herbal Apothecary continues to be a small family operated herbal workshop in Farr West, Utah. Our main focus is to help you achieve and maintain your wellness goals, whatever they may be! We pride ourselves on providing products that are free from harmful ingredients, and that are affordable for all. We believe that the herbal lifestyle is much more than just an expensive fad! That a knowledge and connection to plants, the Earth, and to our deepest selves will promote a healthy body and mind. 

We carry a full line of hand crafted herbal salves, teas, honeys, and tinctures. As well as herbal body care products, baby care products, and products individually customized for your need. I hand craft all of our products using only organic and fair trade ingredients. We also have a huge selection of organic herbs grown on site, or responsibly sourced. You can feel great about purchasing from us as our products are always free of preservatives, artificial colors, flavors, and scents. We also stock all of the raw materials and bulk herbs needed to make your own herbal concoctions. And we host herbal classes & workshops for all of you that would like to learn how to make your own herbal remedies. If you are wanting personalized help with your wellness goals, we offer personal wellness coaching to help give you the extra knowledge and encouragement you need to meet your wellness goals.
To place an order, ask questions, or schedule an appointment please call or email me.

Kellie Adams | 801.668.4977
ParadiseFarmHerbalApothecary [!at] gmail.com

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